SX OS Review

Before I begin my review I would like to thank for giving me a review copy of their SX OS. They were very nice and very helpful. They’re the ones that made this review. If you want to get one yourself, and enter the code SX2018 for additional discount! I highly recommend it.

Hence this review is specifically for the SX OS which is meant for people who already has a jig / tool and a usb cable etc….

If you don’t have those then I recommend you getting the SX PRO instead from

Honestly I had my doubts about this but after spending less than 10 minutes with this my doubts were gone.

What took me by surprise about the SX OS was that how easy it was to set up and how quick and well it operates.

To set it up it was just a matter of going onto the Team Xecuter SX official website then downloading the required files

they even have an easy to follow manual which I followed to a T and had no issues what so ever.

Once I had everything set up and clicked Inject Payload in a few seconds my switch was into the TX Boot Menu

First time using the SX OS you will be greeted with a message telling you it has generated a request license file

and that you will need to get a license if you want to play backups

(but you can still use homebrew without having it which is a nice touch from the team.)

Generating the license was a piece of cake took out my micro sd then into my laptop back onto their website on the top right

“ACTIVATE SX OS” then browse select the request license it will then ask for your license key which i copied and pasted

then in a few seconds the license automatically downloaded copied that onto the micro sd

The next time I injected the payload it booted automatically into the switch home screen

To access your backups (in .xci format) they have to be on the root of the micro sd card (I would rather have them in a folder like “games” for example but it only a minor thing and not even a real issue) then go to into album shortcut from the home screen without holding anything and you will see your backups.

Again looks good you see the row of games with their icon images then click on the icon of the game to load and it loads it up almost instantly then load the game from the switch home menu to start playing the game.

All the games which I tried works great Super Mario Odyssey, Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle,  Arms & Xenoblade 2.

Also trimmed games work by using Destiny1984’s XCI-Cutter which will save a good bit of space here and there which is important considering the prices of micro sd cards especially above 128gb.

Team Xecuter  so far has been providing fantastic support so far with regular updates and as of v1.2 cart2 games now work

which includes games like mario tennis aces!


The unknown is to see how Nintendo will respond there are some people saying they have gotten bans,

personally I never go online with any of my consoles that I have modded I rather be safe than sorry.

If I do ever go online I would only do so without going into the SX OS and just use my legally bought games.


Some things I have not tried yet like homebrew (which you access by going into the album via the home menu while holding R)

although it has been mentioned that not all homebrew works yet in the SX OS yet although they are adding more support with each update but saying that also you can always use an external payload in the SX OS then use homebrew via that way instead.

Also there is auto rcm which basically bricks your system / keeps it in rcm so therefore it will eliminate the need of a jig / tool but you will still need something to load your payload to turn on the system. Personally I have not tried it out yet though right now as I do not really feel the need to but I may consider it in the future as 3d printed jigs bought off ebay are not necessarily the best.


Overall I am very pleased SX OS, it looks clean performs well and everything feels like top quality which I think it needed to be.

SX OS is a great option for those who already have a jig, a usb cable and dont mind using a phone or a laptop etc… to load the payload.

I never felt like that I was held back or that it awkward for having the SX OS only and not the SX Pro.

I hope that Team Xecuter will keep rocking the switch scene! They certainly have made a great start!

And once again, the #1 place to get your SX OS license is and use the code SX2018 for a discount!!