Apple Maps might soon display COVID-19 testing locations

In the state of a pandemic, various facilities are being set up by organizations to allow people to come and test for the virus. Many of these facilities have set up a drive-through location where a person can get their result within 30 minutes.

As a result, Apple has launched a portal on its website where medical facilities can apply to register as coronavirus screening locations. If they get approved, they will pop up on the Apple Maps. It is an excellent initiative that Apple is taking, and one that will help a lot of users. With the overflow of news on the virus in the media lately, it has become harder to gather the correct information.

According to reports, Apple Maps will also indicate if the location is inside a building, or supports drive-through screening. Currently, the update hasn’t rolled out, nor is there an estimated date for when the user should look out for.

Apple has said the following: “We’re working to verify and add as many testing locations as we can, as quickly as possible.”

It is essential to clear up information on when and where a user can get tested if he/she feels they have the virus or have come into contact with someone who did. This will help reduce the spread of the virus by letting people know to quarantine if they are positive. Rather than asking people to wait it out, sharing locations and making tests more accessible will play a significant role in contaminating the virus.

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