Print your face on a mask to make it easier to unlock your phone

The Coronavirus so far, has created concerns in the tech industry. Significant companies are seeing the repercussions of the virus in the form of production issues and supply chain lines. The people living in areas affected by the illness have been advised to take forms of precaution, such as wearing proper practicing hygiene and wearing protective gear like masks.

Though wearing a mask does not guarantee full protection from viruses, it does reduce contact with germs. But one of the problems today with wearing a mask is that it makes it a hassle to unlock your phone, especially if you have an iPhone which uses sensors and 3D Mapping for Face ID. If you want to use your phone, you will have to slide your mask up or remove it, thus exposing you to real-world dangers.

But a company has come up with a smart solution, printing your face on an N95 mask so that you can unlock your phone while wearing.


It is a bit misleading, lower-end Android phones tend to rely on the 2D face unlock technologies, which means they don’t measure the depth of your face. If you were to hold a print-out of your face against the phone, it would probably unlock. Apple, however, uses 3D face unlock, mapping the depth of your face by blasting it with over 30,000 individual dots.

So, will FaceIDMask work to solve your problem? Probably not. It seems like a novelty right now as the company is just in the planning phase. The process works by the user uploading a photo of their face, and the company tracing it and printing it out on their masks. Will it work on unlocking your iPhone? Probably not. Will it work on lower-end Androids and FaceID knockoffs? Probably. In fact, it is unknown if this company will even release actual products to its consumers at this point, but its a good reminder that various businesses will always be popping up to fulfill a consumer’s need through every situation.


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