Microsoft’s revolutionary cloud-gaming idea is one step closer to reality

Cloud-gaming is the next big thing in the video game industry as companies like Google and NVIDIA are offering services for users to stream games remotely. In its infancy, it has garnered a lot of negative criticism, especially Google’s Stadia, which has had a load of issues since its launch.
But Microsoft’s take on the service is impressive, one that could work out well for the company and its users. Announced last year, Project XCloud will let its users play major first-party games and eventually third party games. Compared to the rest of the competition, Project XCloud might be paired up in conjunction with its game rental service, Xbox Gamepass, which has received very positive reviews from its users due to its vast growing library of quality titles. This would allow anyone to sign up for the service and pay a modest price every month to play games, compared to Stadia’s, where a user needs to purchase a game from Google, then pay a monthly amount to get quality streaming access.
Necessarily, someone looking to get into gaming might not need to spend an entry-level price on a console, just an internet connection, and a smart device would suffice.
After launching a beta version of the app for Android a few months ago, Microsoft finally announced a beta for iOS users, which they can start using. The company is probably gearing up to release the final version of the app alongside its next-generation console in Holidays 2020.
The only things that are holding back the technology are internet speeds and connectivity. Games such as Call of Duty require a stable and responsive connection, without which, the game turns rather unfair. With its launch, Microsoft can be the first true pioneer in the game streaming technology, providing users with an already existing catalog of games that can be played on many varieties of platforms.

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