Google is thinking about a hole-punch camera on a smartwatch

A recently discovered patent had revealed that in 2017, and maybe before that, Google was experimenting with the idea of a camera in the middle of a watch screen. The patent is titled “Camera Watch.”

google_camera_watch_patent.0There are no official reasons as to why Google never continued with this product. However, a camera on a watch is far from ideal. The housing of the watch probably made it difficult to fit all the sensors and produce a decent looking photograph. Not to mention something like this would also drive up the price point and put it out of the market price point.

Google is not the first company to think about a camera in a smartwatch. Samsung already released a smartwatch years ago with a camera, granted it was at the end of the watch face. But the trend of a camera on your wrist never did pick up, after all, there is not dying need for that.

With the trend of cutout cameras in phones, they’ve gotten in taking up small spaces on devices. Perhaps the exciting design could come back once the camera quality becomes on par with a smartphone. Even then, it is hard to say if people will need it.

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