Apple tried building a camera into the Apple Watch’s band


A new patent from 2016 was discovered where it shows that Apple was thinking about putting a camera on the end of a wrist band for its watch. The company was going to go one step ahead by placing an optical sensor at the end of the strap that would take a photo-based on certain hand gestures.
One of the diagrams shows how you can lift the strap to take a selfie, but also twist the camera on a tiny swivel to take the photo in the opposite direction.


Another diagram show two separate cameras on both ends. The photos could also be taken by using Siri’s voice controls or by pinching the wrist band.
There are issues with smartwatch cameras, such as being difficult to operate and sometimes quite cumbersome. The picture quality of these things is also terrible due to a lack of space to fit features.

For now, this product is canned, as no other reports from within the company have come out stating anything about this. Whether or not Apple goes ahead with this idea in the future is unknown. The camera quality on these devices are not exactly the best, and in the end, it is just better to use your phone instead.

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