Chicago Police department to replace car computers with Samsung DeX

Almost all police cars have computers which police officers use at least once a day. However, they’re bulky and getting old to use.

The Chicago Police department has announced that they are piloting the Samsung DeX as a replacement for the in-car computers which they currently use.
DeX works by using the power of your Galaxy smartphone, by allowing it to dock and then using it with a keyboard and a mouse-like a traditional computer. Think of it as the Nintendo Switch of mobile phones. The concept is excellent, however, it hasn’t caught on since Samsung is the only one doing this, and the dockable laptop experience won’t be as great as a traditional laptop.
The police officers will start carrying a Galaxy phone that will be used to send out dispatch alerts, and view real-time camera feeds, etc. Then the officer can dock the phone in the police car and use the keyboard and mouse for tasks such as entering data collected.
Chicago Police Department Chief Jonathan Lewis said that the benefit of this switch to newer, more mainstream technology, is in its mobility. While the existing computers are detachable, officers rarely bother because of their size and weight, however with the Galaxy phone and the DeX dock, now the officers can have their mobile computer with them at all times. The experience will be seamless, from using the phone to dispatch officers, conduct name and vehicle checks, to coming back in the car and docking it to keep the investigation going. Lewis also said that the new system would support viewing and controlling, to the extent of tilting, panning, and zooming) of the district cameras by officers through their Galaxy devices.

Samsung also claims that this switch could save them as much as 15 percent in the first year, and 32 percent for years right after. The Chicago Police Department in the 11th district is expected to be equipped by this technology by the end of the year.

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