Chinese police wants to use facial recognition to track elderly people


China, the most populated country in the world, has made quite a few investments in artificial intelligence. The country now has cameras that have facial identification to identify its citizens. China is also home to SenseTime, an AI startup that can automatically recognize and tag people from 100,000 real-time streams from a traffic camera.

Because of this, China has faced many criticisms, such as invading people’s privacy. Many people fear that the system is prone to get hacked and spread false information about a person’s identity, or outright steal it.
Now, the Chinese Police are looking to use this technology to find older people that get lost. According to public data, around 500,00 older people go missing every year, and about 72% are mentally challenged, which makes it harder for them to cooperate with the police. As a result, the use of AI cameras in these cases will significantly help both the police and the people.

Facial recognition is quickly growing to be an essential technology in security sectors. While the technology is still vulnerable, the use of this technology by the Chinese police shows a positive case where surveillance could help people and save lives.

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