Facebook’s News Feed changes


Facebook, the social media giant, has been caught in flak many times with its false news stories appearing on its user’s homepage, and biased propaganda targeting people. It is very, effortless for anyone to spread a false narrative by buying ad space and letting Facebook promote it on their platform.
Because of this, the company is looking into curating its platform with quality news articles and is now looking to hire a small team of journalists and work with them to select stories that are appropriate for the homepage. The New York Times reports that most of the stories will be generated through algorithms. However, the top ten stories of the day will be handpicked.
Facebook used to have contractors that handled the trending tab’s stories. However, there were allegations that these contractors were biased and only supported articles which supporter their own belief.
Apart from this, Facebook has also said that its willing to pay publishers to have their story featured only Facebook. It may also look into hiring a team of full-time journalists working exclusively for Facebook. Though it is taking significant steps, the company’s plan is quite similar to what Apple has done with Apple News, and with the start of a new service, Apple News Plus, Apple will also be heavily curating content for its platform.

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