Samsung’s new S Pen is nothing short of a wand


Samsung’s latest phone, the Galaxy Note 10, was just announced and it seems to be impressing many people. Every year, along with the spec upgrade and hardware changes, another thing that people want to see is the updated S pen. The S Pen is a low-energy Bluetooth stylus that comes bundled with the phone and effortlessly slides inside it.

Since its conception, it has seen many changes that make it much more than just a stylus, it added double-tapping functionalities, hover functionalities, gestures along the side, and much more.

This time, the stylus has a six-axis motion sensor, along with an accelerometer and a gyroscope. These features can let the stylus detect what position it’s being held in and the direction of movement. With this data that the stylus receives, you can now control select apps by waving the stylus in the air to create gestures. Things like switching camera mode can now be done with a wave of the stylus in the air, just like a wand. This is also extending to third-party apps like Youtube, Spotify, etc., where the app can be remotely controlled by gesturing the stylus in the air. It is a cool function and an excellent implementation of the S pen that could make the Note 10 a more enticing purchase. Hopefully, the gestures can be stem across more multimedia apps and perhaps other Samsung phones.

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