Samsung’s newest laptop has leaked

Samsung, most popularly known for their smartphone lineup, has made other tech products to compete within the market, such as the Tab S, Gear Watch, etc. They also have their line of laptops, which have been out in the market for a while now. However, it seems that a new product from Samsung got leaked, The Galaxy Book S.

Galaxy Book S

Just from the looks of it, it seems very similar to Microsoft’s Surface Laptop, which is quite possibly one of the best Windows laptops on the market right now. It has a similar color scheme of a mono-grey, with a matching keyboard and trackpad. However, from the images, it seems like it’s going for metal covering vs. the fabric found on Microsoft’s device.

On the sides, there are only two ports, one headphone jack, and a USB-C port. It is unknown if there are more ports on the other side, perhaps maybe another USB-C port?

Galaxy Book S

It is speculated that the laptop would be running on a Snapdragon 855 processor, compared to the more commonly found Intel chips on most other laptops. It will supposedly be paired up with 8GB of RAM.

There are many things unknown, such as the color options available at launch, RAM size, processor upgrade, etc. Perhaps the most significant thing we don’t know is whether or not the internal components can be changed or are they fixed to the motherboard. However, one thing is clear that the Galaxy Book S is looking to go up against Surface devices.

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