Amazon will discontinue Dash Buttons by the end of this month

Amazon, the giant online retailer, introduced the Dash buttons in 2015. These small devices were linked with your Amazon account, and they allowed you to make a purchase just by pressing on them. They could stick on walls in your bathrooms, kitchens, etc. It was mostly intended for products which you often re-ordered, such as toilet paper, detergent, garbage bags, and even Doritos.

Dash buttons

It was a neat idea from Amazon and unlike anything that was on the market at that time.

Earlier, in february, Amazon said that they were going to stop selling these, but still keep them functional as long as users continued using them. However Amazon has announced that it is going to be discontinued by the end of this month. The buttons will cease to work upon pressing, making them nothing but a decorative item on the wall.

An Amazon rep as said that usage “has significantly slowed,” thus resulting in the company taking this step forward

On the other hand, some can say that Amazon is shifting its strategy by making users order items using their voice assistant, Alexa. In a way, Alexa is the upgrade of the Dash buttons since it does the same feature, but isn’t limited to any one product like the Dash button, and relies only on your voice.

Tide Dash button

By getting rid of the buttons and transitioning to Alexa, Amazon is trying to add more people into their eco system, and this new news will certainly propel them in that direction

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