AI cameras that are being used to detect theft


A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) is currently most known right now to be used in self-driving cars, but now, they can be found in security cameras that closely monitor check-out lanes at stores. One of the largest retailers in the world, Walmart, has implemented A.I. cameras that use a computer vision technology called Missed Scan Detection.

The main goal of these cameras is monitor self-checkout kiosks and registers for suspicious activity. The cameras watch items move across the register, and if an item was placed into the bag without being scanned, the software in the camera would notify an attendant for immediate action.

This system has been in use in over a 1,000 Walmart stores for the past 2 years. Theft and other losses cost retailers billions of dollars every year, and this system is there to reduce that number. Though Walmart has not provided specific numbers in the amount of money the cameras helped save, they did mention that overall it reduce rates of theft, fraud, and scanning errors.

Walmart is not the only store to be using A.I. to their advantage, as last year Amazon opened its doors to the first cashier-less store which relied on A.I. for tracking purchases. This is probably a start of a trend where many retailers will turn towards A.I. to change the shopping market, both for the consumer and the owner. Hopefully cameras like these are implemented in many other stores all across the country.

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