Google’s A.I. Assistant will detect and alert you of spam calls

google assistant screen calls

Google has recently shown off a new feature integrated with its AI assistant that will aim to combat spam calls. Now, users will have an option to let Google Assistant answer for them on their behalf.

google assistant screen calls

The conversation will be transcribed real-time to show what the caller is speaking. The caller will be alerted that Google Assistant is screening the communication and the caller will be required to state their name and purpose of calling, which will be relayed to you. Then you will have the option to either answer it or end it, and report the number to spam.

google assistant screen calls

Spam calls have been on a rise and telemarketers have been aggressive with their calls. With the recent advancement in technology, companies don’t require real humans on the phone, but can instead rely on a voice-recognition assistant to keep on a conversation going with a person.

google assistant screen calls

Google has been implementing such features to reduce the number of spam calls. With the implementation of Google Duplex, a feature that lets Google Assistant talk on your behalf, Google is moving towards automating phone calls with A.I.

google assistant screen calls

This new feature, titled Call Screen, launches today on Pixel 3 and will be available to other Pixel devices next month.


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