Snapchat and Amazon partnership: buy Amazon items from Snapchat

Snapchat and Amazon partnership

Snapchat, the trendy social media app, has been going through a tumultuous time as the company has faced much flak throughout this year for unwanted implementation of features and constant changes of the UI. After a disastrous new update earlier in the year, Snapchat saw a loss in userbase and even in revenue, but slowly it has been gaining back its audience with constant updates and in-app improvements.

Snapchat and Amazon partnership

The companies today have announced a partnership that it will allow users to buy products off Amazon using the Snapchat app to scan a product or a barcode. With Snapchat being one of the most used social media apps, and Amazon being one of the biggest online retailers, this partnership could be very beneficial for the latter.

Snapchat and Amazon partners

Amazon will now be able to tap into Snapchat’s userbase and “acquire” their users to buy products directly from them, making it an ease to purchase for the consumer.

It is unknown whether Amazon is paying a fixed price to Snapchat to allow this feature, or if it is a per-product sold deal, where Snapchat would get a cut of the revenue if bought through the app. From what the companies have said in their statements, it doesn’t seem that people will get an additional discount for using the app, it will just be a convenience factor, much like how Google Lens works with Google shopping.

How it works

When users open up the app and point their cameras at an object, they can touch and hold their screens, where after some time the app will identify the product, and an Amazon pop-up will appear on the screen with necessary information about the item. From there, if the users are interested in purchasing, or wanting to know more about the product, they will be re-directed to the Amazon webpage or the Amazon app.

Snapchat and Amazon partners

This means that none of the purchasing will happen within the app and no information about your cards will be stored and be vulnerable inside the app.

Future of Snapchat and Amazon

Though this isn’t a feature that will attract new users to download Snapchat, it is a move that could potentially help the company, Snapchat, generate more revenue, while allowing Amazon to reach out to even a bigger audience and gain their business. Of course, in the past whenever Snapchat has done something new, Instagram has followed behind with their unique perspective, so it isn’t too out of the realm to expect Instagram to follow through with a similar feature and a partnership with another retailer, maybe even with Amazon again.


Snapchat and Amazon partners

Snapchat and Amazon partnersSnapchat and Amazon partnersSnapchat and Amazon partnersSnapchat and Amazon partnersSnapchat and Amazon partners

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