Skype now offers end-to-end encryption, what does it exactly mean?

Skype, the prevalent communication/messaging tool that is used all around, is now introducing a new feature to its service.


Skype has now joined the ranks of Apple’s iMessage and Facebook Messenger to offer end-to-end encryption conversations with people. Earlier in the year, Skype had announced that is testing this feature internally, without a specific release date. However, now Skype has finally released this feature on iOS, Android, Linux, Mac, and Window’s computers, with some caveats of course.

Private Conversation

Right now Skype is limiting these private conversations between one person and on one device at a time. To initiate a conversation, select “New Private Conversation” when clicking on a recipient’s name, upon which he/she will receive an invitation. Shortly, we can expect to have encrypted conversations with all contacts on every device. For now, we have to settle with a limited number as the feature is just rolling out.

What is end-to-end encryption?

So what does end-to-end encryption mean for the service? Well, end-to-end encryption means that the sender and the recipient can only read the conversation. No other 3rd party service or company has access to these conversations, not even the original host company such as Skype, Apple, Facebook, etc. In a world where a person’s privacy is concerned and potentially volatile to hackers and government agencies, these companies are taking a great step forward to protect its consumers. With Skype’s new initiative, more companies are expected to follow through, with the possibility of all messaging and communication applications to offer end-to-end encryption.


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