Animoji is getting an upgrade with the introduction of Memoji

Animoji let its users on iOS 12 act as an emoji and send it to anyone through iMessages. It allowed people to record videos and movements as one of the pre-set emojis that came on the phone. It was interesting feature however no one really cared for it when it launched. It’s easily one of the most underutilized unique things on an iPhone X.

But now, Apple is upgrading it with the introduction of Memoji, an addition to Animoji that lets you create your own emojis.

It works similarly like a bitmoji where the character can be fully customized, from the basic features such as face shape, to the most detailed stuff such as eyebrow color. You can then save the character and use it like an Animoji. And that’s about it!

If you’re FaceTiming someone, you can also transpose the Memoji on your face live while you’re talking.

This is a lot like what Samsung introduced its 3D characters in Samsung Galaxy S9, however here it is more refined and better looking compared to its awkward counterpart. It will also probably get better support overtime and be utilized more.

This will come at launch of the iOS 12, and will only work the iPhone X and newer models. It is unknown whether or not you can share them with each other, however you can expect a slew of unofficial celebrity faces being created on here.

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