iPad 2018: 3 Things We WANT to See ASAP

Apple is set to reveal the new iPad 2018 later this year, and it is supposed to be the biggest revamp yet. Here are all the 3 things that Apple needs on their latest model if they want to succeed.


So far Apple has been on a decline with the iPad, as sales are lowering every year because people are now substituting their tablets with their ever-growing smartphones. But with the new technologies introduced in the iPhone X, Apple could be brilliant and bring it over to their iPads to give it a new life, and attract many new buyers.

Here are the three things we want for the next iPad 2018 to have –

Edge-to-Edge Display

Bezels on smartphones are going away as companies are making the screens larger and even getting rid of some of the buttons. If you look at the newest iPhone, the standout feature is its large screen on a small body. It blends in perfectly and is beautiful when you watch movies on it. Now imagine if that same screen was much larger, perhaps the size of an iPad?

It is without a doubt that an iPad 2018 with an edge-to-edge display would the most beautiful screen on the tablet. A screen that size could give a better viewing experience when watching Netflix and YouTube. It would stand out in the crowd as the screen would seamlessly blend with the edge of the display to look like a futuristic tablet that you see all the time in a sci-fi movie. The new display could start an era where tablet manufacturers

Not to mention, every iPad in the past fairly looks the same when you place them side by side. This new display will get rid of the fatigue, and the overhaul might finally give millions of people to upgrade again. Also, it will make them stand out from their competition.

Maybe Face ID as well?

An edge-to-edge display would also mean that Apple would have to implement Face ID and get rid of Touch ID. This would make the iPad 2018 more secure as statisically there are lower chances of someone else unlocking it, and privacy is essential now more than ever. Face ID is generally fast and intuitive and doesn’t require as much fidgeting around compared to Touch ID. Moreover, with Face ID, would come the introduction of Animoji and Memojis for the first time on the iPad. It’s not exactly a game changer, but a nice feature that doesn’t take away from the primary product.


Battery Life

The battery life on the current model iPads is excellent. It lasts over a day even during the most intense tasks such as gaming or video editing. It also lasts longer than some low-end laptops and has a great standby time of up to weeks. However, as more and more features are being added to the iPad that would require more battery power, and as apps are getting more power intensive due to their high level of processing, Apple has to come up with a better battery every time, otherwise relying on the old battery will cut your usage time significantly.

Having a more extended battery is always great and a pleasant surprise. It can increase productivity and give you long hours of Netflix late at night. It will reduce the number of times you need to charge, and with a big battery, you can rely on it anytime.

Fast charging is also an essential feature that we’re hoping Apple brings to the iPad 2018. Now that it is on every smartphone out on the market, tablets could use a little help too. Fast charging is precisely what it sounds, and can be useful on trips and vacations, as the rush leaves very little time for you to charge your iPad.

More AR capabilities

The iPad However, no means is the replacement of a laptop, however, for some people, it is their daily version of a computer. But a device like this requires a considerable amount of processing power so that all your apps and tasks could run in the background, and with higher processing power, we want the next iPad 2018 to be more AR capable.

Recently Apple introduced the ARkit 2 with new features that can give a co-op experience to people on different devices. Apple knows that AR is a growing industry as it can have lots of implementation in jobs and schools. Teachers can use virtual diagrams and figures to teach to students, and what better way to learn in AR than with an iPad. AR can also give people new ideas to play and new experiences to enjoy up. With a screen as large as the iPad, AR would be fantastic statistically that would blend reality and computer-generated graphics. The current smartphone screens are too small to enjoy AR thoroughly, but the iPad is lightweight and has a vibrant screen to accompany this and give it an edge over smartphones.

Now iPad does have AR functions and apps. However, it is outdated and needs a revamp again.


Final Note

A combination of these three features could make the iPad 2018 a compelling device to own. It will give people more reasons to bring it around with them, and replace their laptops for quite some people. As the tablet industry is going stale and losing sales to large smartphones, an overhaul like this could be, However, for the revival of the product.

These are just the 3 things we want. Let us know what you want in your next iPad 2018, and be sure to sign up for the mailing list to be alerted everytime we publish an article.

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