New iOS update will let you monitor app time usage

Apple recently unveiled the latest entry in its new iOS series, iOS 12, and one of the newest features on the software is App Usage.

App Usage allows each person to see how much time they’re spending on each app. It keeps track of the time from the moment you turn on an app to minute you turn it off. It can show many hours you’ve spent each day, up to a week. It’ll give users a better idea of how they spend their time on the phone, and help them cutback on some time. It is really useful for heavy users to see exactly what they’re spending time on.

Another feature that’s part of this is timeout. Timeout will allow a user to set a time limit that they’re allowed to use the app for. Once you’ve exceeded the time limit, a notification will pop up and you won’t be allowed to use that app anymore. It’s useful for parents who are trying to limit their kid’s usage, however they can get past it by dismissing the notification.

This is a great utility from Apple’s side which can be beneficial to a lot of people. Having measurements of how much time we are spending on an app will make some of us realize that we need to cut down on it. Though the idea isn’t new, as Google showed this off a month ago at its presentation, it’s still a welcoming addition.

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