Walmart’s new shopping service works by texting to it

Walmart is rolling out new features and initiatives to start battling for the online e-commerce space as foot traffic in brick-and-mortar stores are beginning to decline. Moreover, its most recent service is JetBlack, a shopping service that merely works by texting.

To go more into details, the user can make a shopping request which will then be fulfilled by automated bots and workers. The service is powered by a network of AI-driven bots that will provide the most appropriate response, and if a computer can’t handle it or recognize your request, a real human worker can step in to take its place.


How it works

Once you’ve placed a request, deliveries are made on the same day or the following day, and there are no charges. There is also no minimum spend fee, and if you have to make a return, Jetblack will come to you and collect your return items. All of this sounds great; however, there is a catch, an expensive trick. The price for this service is $50/month, and right now the service is only in Manhattan and Brooklyn. Apart from that, there is a waiting list which you have to get through before you can start using the service, so if you were thinking about joining it and using it today, well you’re out of luck.

No other restrictions have been mentioned, such as the delivery radius.

One other thing to note, JetBlack does not support the purchases of food-related items.

The service started eight months ago, but now it is looking to expand. It is a great viable option for Amazon that can only increase competition and ultimately benefit the user. However at a price point of $50/month, it is a bit hard to recommend this to some people at such a high price point.

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