Neighbourly – an app to ask questions about your local area by Google

Google is launching another app that is going to compete with Yelp and Tripadvisor and many more. It is a social media app known as Neighbourly, and it allows a user to ask questions about the local area it is in, upon which other users who are experts about the city can choose to chime-in and answer it.


Google believes that Neighbourly is a crowd-sourced city guide. It can provide better recommendations for places in a city, and share tips, tricks, and shortcuts that only residents might know. Usually, people don’t have time to leave a detailed review of every place they visit. However, this app will allow quick and short answers that are to the point.

The app will prompt a user to do two things, ask a question, and answer a question. You can also decide to follow a user in case your questions match up with theirs, or have similar interests. It is unknown though how the content and questions will be moderated. It is much like Quora, but emphasizes local communication rather than opening the questions to people around the world. That’s the primary function of it, and can be helpful for someone who is on vacation or newly moved into a city.

Right now the app has only been released on Android, and it is only open to residents in Mumbai. If the app is a success and gains a bigger userbase, then it will more than likely come to other cities and places, and eventually, release on iOS.

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