Snapchat will let 3rd party devs access it’s AR technology

Snapchat, the social media platform that has been a massive success amongst the teens, will soon let 3rd party developers access to its login systems and AR camera functionalities. This will allow some of Snapchat’s features to come more apps that you regularly use. The reported title for this initiative is Snapkit

So far Snapchat has been very close-minded with its feature and its tech, however now it is looking to shake things up as form of innovation. Snapchat has one of the best AR systems in place with its lens filters that it can apply on a user’s face. The app is able to recognize a face, map it out, and then apply lens on top of that in real time. It is also capable of responding to subtle motion. So far compared to other applications, Snapchat is leading the race in this department, and so it makes sense for Snapchat to lend this technology.

With this new initiative, we should see other apps have a better implementation of AR and more accurate data. So far no date has been announced, nor have any developers or companies been disclosed that will be utilizing this tech.

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