Apple patent shows smart replies from Siri using context

It is without a doubt evident that Siri is behind the competition when it comes to features the A.I. can do. However, now a new patent from Apple shows that Siri will be automatically able to respond when you are unable to answer the phone. It will be different than what phones can do right now because it will factor in the context of the call, and create a unique response, rather than sticking to the same phrases to send when you reject a call.



Looking at the patent, it shows that Siri is gathering data using Apple maps and suggesting a smart reply as to when you will able to take the call or respond back. This can help many people from distracted driving as an example. Another example could be that if you used particular phrases or nicknames, Siri would be able to pick up on that and use it in the responses.

Though it is nothing groundbreaking compared to what others are doing, it is a step up from the current situations that iPhone users are facing. Siri has been facing much flak from users due to its unintelligent responses, and quite frankly, the inability to understand a user’s question. Apart from this, there have been multiple reports that Apple has hired some new engineers to give Siri another revamp.

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