Now Vivo is also teasing an all-display smartphone

Last week we reported that Lenovo is looking to make a comeback in the smartphone industry with an all-display smartphone, but now Vivo has sent out invitations for an event on June 12th where they will show off their version of an all-display smartphone.

The teaser doesn’t show off much details except the top half of the phone, which seems to be covered edge to edge by the screen, and a pop-up selfie camera. It is similar to the Apex phone concept that Vivo was showing off earlier in the year. Though not yet confirmed, it is also possible that the phone could see a built in display fingerprint scanner. The reveal date is all set for June 12th and Vivo could be the first company to actually release a phone like this.

It’s a common trend that many companies are adopting in which the bezel size is reducing for a much larger screen. Apple did it with the iPhone X and Samsung did it with the Samsung Galaxy S9. It is unknown what Vivo will price this phone at, but with this much technology built in and being the first of its kind, we don’t expect the price to be cheap.

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