Comcast’s new WiFi extender outlets

For those who live in big houses, there’s a chance that you may have experienced a “dead zone” in your house, or noticed that the WiFi worked better faster in some areas of the house as compared to others. Well now Comcast has launched new WiFi extender outlets which can increase the strength of the WiFi around your house.

They’re small devices resembling a smart plug that plug into your outlet. They can then be paired to an xFi wireless Gateway through a smartphone app on iOS and Android. This then monitors the performance of the WiFi connections in the House.

It’s something that we’ve seen before but now being offered in a much smaller form factor. They come in the price point of $119 for a pack of 3 and $199 for a pack of six. Comcast has mentioned that they will add a monthly payment plan at a later date.

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