Duplex calls will alert people if their conversation is being recorded


Recently Google showed off a new feature to the consumer called the Google Duplex. It works through Google Assistant and can place calls on behalf of the user. It uses A.I. technology to have conversations with the other person and mimics its voice to match that of an average human. Now Google has stated that it will let the other party on the call know that the conversation between them and Google Duplex is being recorded, as it is a law in multiple states that both parties consent for phone calls to be recorded.

This was one of the concerns of the general public when it was first shown off.

Google Duplex is the latest project from Google’s A.I. team. It mimics a human to place calls and does various tasks over the phone, such as making appointments or get information. It refines on the concept of the automated phone calls, except now its accessible for the consumers rather than the businesses. It makes things more useful and convenient for the people who are too busy, but more importantly, it shows off the power and advancement of technology. Mainly we can now have a computer talk on behalf of us.

The technology behind this is quite simply amazing, as it sounds like you’re talking to a real person, and it will make ethical choices. Not only that, but it will also try to understand us and focus on the way we are talking, and what we are speaking.

Duplex will record conversations so that users can go back and review it for more details. It is scheduled to roll out in the summer, and rigorous testing is currently taking place. A piece of technology like this may face some hiccups. However, it is also one that will gradually get better and better over time, just like the early days of Siri and Google Assistant.

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