YouTube introducing new subscription services starting next week

Almost two years ago, YouTube had launched its first subscription service, YouTube Red. For only $10 per month, $13 if you signed up through an Apple device, YouTube would remove all ads on all of its videos, and give you access all of its original content made by some of the influencers on the platforms. It also lets you download videos for offline play and have music playing in the background even when the app was turned off. For the heavy users, this was a great service, but for the average consumer who only spends less than an hour on the app, it doesn’t appeal to him/her, especially when the ads are the now usually only 5-15 seconds.

However, now YouTube is back, and it is upgrading its services for the first time in the company’s history. Now there are going to be two services in place, YouTube Music, and YouTube Premium.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music will remove all ads only on music-related videos for $9.99 a month, while YouTube Premium will do the same things as YouTube Red, but for now at a higher price point of $11.99 per month, two dollars higher than the current price.

YouTube Music will receive new features to make the price point worth it. It will let users discover new stuff based on your history and watching patterns and will come integrated with Google’s AI. Another new add-on to this service will be personalized playlist. It will soon arrive in a redesigned app and will soon, slowly replace Google Play Music. If you are currently subscribed to Google Play Music, you will get YouTube music for no extra added cost.

YouTube Premium

Next is YouTube Premium, and it is the same as YouTube Red, but re-branded. Google has promised that it will expand on original content for its viewers in hopes to ring in more and more users. If you are a current YouTube Red member, you will not be required to pay the higher price; you can continue with what you have for only $9.99. That means that you if are considering buying into YouTube’s new services, you can sign up right now for YouTube Red to save $2 a month.

No specific release date for YouTube Premium has been announced yet, but YouTube Music will start rolling out on May 22nd in individual countries.

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