Microsoft working on an iPad competitor in the form of Surface Tablets

Apple is undoubtedly the leader of the pack when it comes to tablets. Their version of the tablet, the iPad, has more significant sales than all of its competitors and almost trumps in the popular opinion of people’s choice for a tablet.

However, now according to a report, Microsoft is working on a cheaper line of Surface products to compete with Apple and their iPads directly. Currently, the most popular Surface product is the Surface Pro, and the starting price for that is $799, double the cost of a standard iPad.

The new tablets will be completely redesigned. It will have a 10-inch screen and will be 20 percent lighter than the pro models. It will use USB-C for charging and more importantly be priced at around $400. It will run Windows 10 Pro and feature internal Intel components.

Another key feature of any Surface product is keyboards and stylus. Reportedly Microsoft will be re-designing that as well to bring down the price to accompany the new Surface models.

This has not been officially confirmed by Microsoft, but it doesn’t seem too out of the realm for Microsoft to work on since they’re tablet department is lagging behind in innovation and budget. Hopefully, we can see this device out on the market shortly.

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