Didi Chuxing is the Uber of China, and it is now coming to California

The race for autonomous cars is on! As more and more companies are acquiring licenses to test their self-driving cars on the road, the competition is getting tougher to see who can be the first in the commercial market. Now, a new company will be joining the likes of Uber, and Waymo, known as Didi Chuxing, this is Chinese company is quite literally the Uber of China.

Didi Chuxing is a ride-hailing app in China. In fact, it has overtaken Uber regarding userbase. Recently it has decided to expand into international markets. The company’s new focus is on driverless cars. Now, it has successfully gotten a license to test its vehicles in California, marking its first official entry into the American market.

If successful, it could dash past Waymo, Ford, and other companies. This is also the first time a new foreign company will be testing their new autonomous vehicles in America.

Recently Uber came into fire after a fatal accident took place with its driverless car back in March, where a pedestrian was hit and killed on the street. Ever since then, some people have become skeptical of the technology inside these cars.



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