Amazon Go might be expanding to Chicago and San Francisco

Amazon recent launched its first retail store in Seattle, known as Amazon Go. It’s main unique selling point was that it was entirely cashier-less, and rather it relied on sensors located all over the store to track a customer’s purchase.

Now, according to recent reports, Amazon will be opening stores in Chicago and San Francisco. Amazon has even posted job listings for store managers for these locations. Back in February, Amazon had purchased a large retail space in Chicago, which could’ve been hinting at, and now what’s been confirmed, the first expansion for the Amazon Go stores.

The first store opened in Seattle this January. The idea is cool in theory, although there may be some practical problems, such as defective sensors not properly tracking purchases, or simply customers stealing products. Though Amazon has not reported outright that its facing these issues, it is probably happening knowing that there are no real humans tracking what you walk out with.

Amazon has not yet confirmed an opening date, but will in the future.

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