Snapchat gets redesigned…again?

Snapchat faced significant flak from its users when it rolled out a new design change late last year. It had moved one of its most prominent features, Stories, to the other end of the app and had combined it with its regular messaging section. Moreover, as a result, many people were unhappy. It made the app unintuitive and required a few more extra steps to do the same thing as before. All in all, the app had become a mess, but its CEO was firm saying that this is the way things will be from now on moving forward.

Fans were so upset that a user had created a petition for Snapchat to roll back its features. However, the company was adamant that the changes were going to stay, and they did, for a while.

Snapchat is reportedly rolling out an update which moves the stories back to its original spot with the advertisement. This is most likely because Snapchat had reported that it saw an increase in users after the update, yet they were making less money per user probably because they were not clicking on the advertisement. Now that the stories are back above the ads, Snapchat believes that this should entice the users into clicking on the advertisements more, thus generating more revenue per user.

With this new update, not too many people seem bothered, and it is a good sign for the company after the disastrous outlast the last time.

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