Artificial Intelligence will now help you extend your battery life

Artificial Intelligence helps us many things in our lives. It is capable of reminding us when our appointments are set and recommending us TV shows and movies based on our preferences. Moreover, those are just things it can do on your phone. In only a few years, Artificial Intelligence will be everywhere, from refrigerators to TV’s to your car, and it will all be there to help you.

The latest news in the A.I. development is that the Android team is A.I. which manage your battery on your behalf, in a feature called “adaptive battery.” It will be capable of monitoring your battery health and analyze which apps you use frequently. Based on that, it will shut down the non-frequent apps from running in the background, thus saving an average of 30 percent reduction in CPU according to Google. Apart from this, it will also automatically adjust your phone’s brightness based on the patterns it picks of your habits.

The team claims that the data it gathers which helps it in performing these tasks will not be shared, and will only be locked to your device. This should ease the privacy concerns for many users. All of these features sound very familiar to what Apple is already doing within its devices such as iPad and iPhone, automatic brightness adjustment, reduced background processes, etc. We will have to wait and try it out for ourselves to indeed see if there is an effect on the battery life.

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