Waymo self-driving minivan involved in an accident

A report has come out that a Waymo minivan was involved in an accident in Arizona. Waymo is Google’s self-driving car program, and it has been testing its vehicles on the streets for a while. No accidents have been reported, and it seems that the other car was at fault for the crash. The other vehicle had swerved to avoid hitting an oncoming vehicle, this inevitably hitting the self-driving van. A driver was inside the self-driving car however he/she was able to respond quickly to the events that took place. A further investigation will be conducted to go more in depth with the details of the crash.

This crash comes on the right after Uber’s infamous incident which also took place in Arizona. For those who do not know, one of Uber’s self-driving car struck a pedestrian crossing the road because the car was not able to recognize the pedestrian. Due to this, Uber was banned from testing in Arizona and suspend trials in certain places until further notice.

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