Gmail sending out emails to you, by you

A lot of spam email that we get is automatically filtered out into a separate folder in our emails. Whether it is to apple for a loan, or to notify us that we’ve won a lottery, any suspicious email thankfully does not make into our inboxes. But this morning, many users have reported seeing emails in their inboxes spoofed so it looks like they sent it to themselves.

Outlets are reporting that these messages are appearing in people’s inbox by pretending people sent it to themselves. Upon clicking on the email for further information, it is clearly obvious that the email is generated from another company. This new method of sending emails has caused these messages to bypass the spam filter and land in your inbox. It is best safe to immediately delete these emails without clicking on any links.

Many people initially thought that their accounts were compromised, however even after changing passwords, these messages were still ending up in their inboxes. Google has acknowledged the issue and said that only a small number of people were affected, and it is now working with engineers to solve the problem. It said that this was part of a new spam campaign to trick users by using spoofed headings in their systems.

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