LG having problems for iPhone OLED displays

Did you know that Apple’s successful iPhone X displays are currently made by Samsung? That is right, Apple’s direct competitors are in charge of their iPhone X production line, along with many others in the market right now. However, recently Apple has started looking into other suppliers so that it can have better control over the pricing, and one of the suppliers that Apple is potentially eyeing is LG.

LG has been producing the OLED displays for the Google Pixel 2, and while the company faced some flask over defective screens at the launch of the phone, it has gotten better at producing displays. However, according to recent reports, LG has hit manufacturing issues in production. It is unsure what kind of a specific problem LG is having, but with this, there is a substantial chance that we might not see the display on the 2018 iPhones from Apple. This has let Apple reconsider LG as a viable partner in the future for its smartphones. Apple might have to stick with Samsung just a little bit longer for the time being.

Right now, none of the companies have commented on the reports. Apple will be showing off the new iPhones in the September event this year.

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