Nintendo to partner up with startups to develop accessories for Switch

Nintendo, the video game giant, is currently seeing massive success with the release of their last console, Nintendo Switch. One of the selling points of the device was its portability and how you can interconnect parts for different play styles. Its design is pretty modular. Now, according to recent reports, Nintendo is looking for startups that could build accessories for the device.

It is teaming up with the venture capital firm Scrum Ventures to find new startups that can provide exciting accessories and ideas to add on to the Switch. This new partnership is looking to extend the features that the console offers to attract more people. Moreover, because of the modular design of the console, it all makes sense and wouldn’t be hard to implement.

Scrum will reportedly gather ideas from various companies and pitch them to Nintendo in the fall, but neither company will be directly investing in the startups or outright buying them. This will give an opportunity for new businesses to directly work the Nintendo and create innovations for the people to enjoy.

This is a smart move for the company as now it can look outside the box for ideas and use its inside resources for other tasks. No other specifics have been mentioned, but by the end of 2018, we should have a clearer idea.

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