Dubai will be testing digital license plates

With cars getting futuristic every year, one thing that hasn’t been talked about much or even slightly mentioned are license plates. Everything from the dashboard to the steering wheel to even the seats have seen gradual updates and changes over time, but one that has remained constant your license plate.

According to reports, Dubai will soon be testing digital license plates. They will have a plethora of benefits over current license plates. They will allow quicker emergency response in a case of an accident or theft, and fines such as parking toll, speeding ticket, or expired registration can be instantly penalized by the vehicle’s owner.

However, there are crowds of people who are against this, due to the concern of privacy. Apparently, these license plates will be fitted with GPS, meaning that someone could hack these plates to track your location at all times.

Right now only tests are going to be conducted. A release date has not be mentioned as to when someone can get this for his/her car, and neither has the price has been revealed. The idea seems cool and one that will be beneficial to a victim of theft or reckless driving, however, it does have some shortcomings.

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