Apple is hiring engineers for a Siri overhaul

Back when Siri launched with the iPhone 4S in 2011, it was marvelous. It was unlike anything we had seen at that time in a smartphone. You could ask tons of questions, and it would reply back cleverly. If you had any tasks that needed to be done, all you needed to do was press the home button, and Siri would be at your command. At that time, it was the most significant selling point of the iPhone 4S.

However, over time competitors have come out with their version of virtual assistants. From Alexa to Cortana to Google Assistant, we have started relying on them a lot more than we used five years ago. Moreover, because of this, virtual assistants need to be smart, like really smart. However, recently, this is one the departments from Apple that have fallen behind, Siri.

Siri just isn’t up to par with other players. It can respond to simple questions, but it is limited in the tasks it can perform. It always requires internet to work and isn’t compatible with a lot of 3rd party applications. Also, for many questions in my case, it always redirected me to Google with the exact question I asked.

Rather useless in that case.

However, many reporters have spotted that Apple is looking to hire more people in the development of Siri. People have discovered job listings that relate to Siri. This is all pointing towards a massive overhaul that Siri might get to catch up with its competitors. Whether it will come to this year bundled with iOS 12, or down the line in few years, we do not know, but we should be excited. One of the things that we can expect is smarter responses and the concept of continuity. More and more apps might become compatible with the assistant, and offline Siri might finally become a reality. Moreover, most importantly, it will be able to understand more questions rather than redirecting you to a search engine. Apple right now hasn’t confirmed anything, nor has it dropped subtle hints, but many people would agree that Siri needs improvement if it wants to be a selling point for the future iPhones.

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