Tech that can you read your mind is here

We have seen many concepts of crazy and futuristic technology in sci-fi movies. Whether it is holograms that can talk or touch screens that you pull up with a few gestures, many crazy ideas have been thrown at us. One of the cooler ideas is the possibility of a device that can read our mind. Well now, we are one step closer to making that a reality.

MIT has developed a new headset called the AlterEgo, which can read your mind, sorta. The device loops around your ear and attaches underneath your mouth. It works by reading the neuromuscular signals that your brain is sending to your mouth and jaw. You are not verbalizing anything, except inside your mind and thoughts.

Additionally, the device can communicate back to you by sending vibrations from your face to the ear. This is done so that the user is not interrupted in their conversation or hearing.

The device was tested using 20 words, and it had an accuracy of 92%. Currently, the headset’s vocabulary is very limited. However, it will undoubtedly grow over time maintaining the same or even higher accuracy.

There can be many varied applications of this device depending on the nature of the product. A promo video was released showing a person using the device to control the Roku setup box. Soon in the future, we will be available to control everything with our mind, from the TV to the coffee maker, the possibilities are endless.

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