Use Alexa to make announcements around your house

Amazon’s Echo speakers are continually being updated with new Alexa features to stay ahead of the competition. In fact, Alexa is now considered one of the smartest A.I. that we daily use. Today, Amazon announced a new Alexa feature called Alexa Announcements, which lets anyone make announcements to be broadcast to all Echo devices in your house.

Whether you are calling everyone to your living room to make announcements or alerting people around the house that the dinner is ready, this feature is excellent if you have multiple Echo speakers around the house.

All you have to say is –

  • Alexa, announce that
  • Alexa broadcast that
  • Alexa, tell everyone


However, it seems that Amazon is late to the party as Google Home already has this functionality since November. Nevertheless, it is great to see two big companies competing, as competitions between companies usually turn favorable for the consumers.

This new command is available today in US and Canada. This is part of Amazon’s initiative to get the buyers to have multiple speakers around the house. With more speakers, users can get more functionalities.

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