Eques Smart Plug review and impressions

Every day, simple products in our houses are getting “smarter,” whether it’s through A.I., automation, machine learning, etc. Products that we’ve used all our lives in our homes won’t be the same in the next few years. One of the newest types of products to hit the market to make our homes smarter is smart plugs.

Smart plugs are what they sound, plugs that you connect and control remotely. Rather than going around and turning every lamp on manually, through smart plug you can turn them all through your phone. That’s just one example out of the many people can use them That is.

elf product image (1).jpg

Eques Smart Plug is a plug which works on your smartphone. You attach the plug into a wall outlet and then connect any device you want, phone charger, lamp, hairdresser, fans, anything. Once you’ve done that, you download the Eques Elf app on your smartphone and pair the plug with the app. Once that is done, you are we have to go, it’s that simple. But the will not question is, what is it like using it…?

Well here are my impressions of the device. First off, it looks sleek and futuristic. The build quality is nice, and not once did it ever feel cheap or delicate to hold. For the first few days, it did stand out in my house when it has not into the wall, after all, it is an extension to a wall outlet that’s built inside your walls. However, after a few days, I forgot it was even there. It thoroughly blended with all the other things I had going on on the wall. It did not intrude into other ports of mine and plugging devices into the smart plug did not cause any damage.

elf Xmas Tree (1).jpg

Using the app is very simple. You have an account first and then connect the plug to the app. Almost everything is done through the app. You can turn things on/off through the app, and it is reasonably responsive in its timings. You can also set timers so that things can turn on at any specific time of the day automatically. It is you have if you have decorative lightning so that the timer can go off every night. I found the app to be easy to navigate, and responsive. Everything was laid out nicely with a bar on the bottom, and the UI was clean.

The plugs are said to be compatible and controllable through Google Home and Amazon Alexa; however since I do not have any of these devices currently at my house, I was unable to test it.

elf smart charge (1).jpg

I tested the smart plug in various situations. First I had it in my bedroom connected to my lamp. At nights it was very convenient for me to pull out my phone and turn the lamp off rather than getting up again, and then navigating in the dark once the lamp had to turn off. It was great.

Next, I tested it with Christmas lights that I still had hanging in one of my rooms. I set a timer to turn on automatically, and it did precisely that. Every day when it was connected, the lights automatically lit up. They didn’t require any input from me and worked flawlessly.

elf Smart Plug Remote Control (1).jpg

These are the two situations in which I tested them. I did not test with a multi-strip outlet to avoid any safety hazard. So far I haven’t had any complaint with the smart plug yet. I recommend these to anyone that is looking to upgrade their homes and make everything around them more convenient. Pretty much all homeowners should be equipped with a smart plug it is, as the benefits of these are quite amazing which you will only realize after using it for a couple of days.

You can buy the product for yourself here

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