Alexa-enabled smart lamps could come soon to your homes

More and more devices are becoming “smart” every year and one of the new devices to get added functionalities are going to be your lamp! Amazon is looking into adding Alexa features in your lamp to officially make it a “smart lamp.”

Today Amazon announced a design for a lamp from a manufacturer known as Adition. The lamp includes a microphone, speaker, and built-in apps for music services, most like one of them being Spotify. Moreover, of course, it includes Alexa for all your daily needs.

Right as you are about to go to bed, you will be able to ask the lamp to set your alarm, make a grocery list for medicines, or even just play calm music to help you sleep at night. It could also get integration to record your sleep data using your smartphone!

However, let’s not forget, it is also a lamp. It will have the standard dimming feature and warm light and could produce exciting light effects through software updates and commands.

Third-party companies will be able to use Amazon’s design specifications to create their version of smart lamps with their unique twists and selling points.

The possibilities of a smart lamp are endless but limited to just one room for most people. No price point has been revealed so far, and no release date has been mentioned. While this is an exciting concept, one that makes sense, it feels like a niche product, something that people will buy if they are looking for a lamp, but won’t necessarily replace their current ones for this.


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