Uber is going through a turmoil of events

Due to some recent events, Uber has been facing much criticism from people all over the Internet. For those of you who do not know, a pedestrian was killed earlier this month when it was struck by the self-driving car in Arizona.

Since then many changes have happened inside the company. The most recent news from the company is that Uber is not renewing its license to operate its self-driving cars in California. Meaning that after this month it is license will expire, and it cannot have its cars on the streets.

Autonomous vehicle companies usually have to get licenses from DMV before they can send their cars out on the road. During this process, they have to disclose certain information to the agency.

DMV has asked for details on the investigation relating to the accident before it can issue the company a permit. Currently, an investigation is on-going and no specific details have been released, such as maybe a software glitch or a hardware malfunction in the car’s sensors for the cause of the failure.

Apart from California, Uber will also stop testing in places such as Pennsylvania and Toronto. A couple of days ago, it was announced that Uber was banned from testing its vehicles in Arizona, and for all testing to be immediately halted.

Aptiv, the radar and camera supplier for the Volvo car has mentioned that its software was disabled on the test vehicle, meaning the Volvo is not to be blamed for the accident as nothing was wrong with its system. They have also gone one step ahead of state with its software, and it was able to detect the pedestrian a whole second before the collision when they tested the software using the footage.

The most recent debate is whether or not is this Uber’s fault, and what punishments should they be faced with. Are they to be held accountable for the car’s failure? Alternatively, should the driver be held responsible for not paying attention? Currently, all efforts from Uber are towards this investigation, and this has undoubtedly become a landmark event in autonomous vehicle development.

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