UPS to switch to electric vehicles for package deliveries

UPS, one of the services through which you get your daily mail and packages, currently uses vans and trucks which run on fuel, as the majority of the vehicles on the street. However, now the company is looking into switching over to electric vehicles for cost cuts and efficiency.

With our scale and real-world duty cycles, these new electric trucks will be quantum leap forward for the purpose-built UPS delivery fleet. The all-electric trucks will deliver by day and re-charge overnight – Carlton Rose, president of UPS’s global fleet maintenance.

UPS is doing this in conjunction with another startup company, Workhouse. The vans will have around 100 miles of range, which comparatively less than what Tesla or Porsche has to offer with their vehicles at 300+ miles, but it should be enough to deliver mail every day and do its regular tasks. It is also important to note that electric motors require less maintenance compared to an internal combustion engine.

One of the advantages that UPS says is that with this switch to electric vehicles, they will have over 400 percent better fuel economy, which will allow the company to save much fuel. The production will begin next year, and the pilot program will consist of 50 vehicles. Drivers will test them in real-world condition and report back with their feedback. This will help UPS shape the program even more and then later scale it on a more significant level.

To put it into perspective, UPS will start the initiative with 50 vehicles, while it currently has 35,000 gasoline or diesel powered vans already on the road.

This initiative is just one of many from companies to switch to electric vehicles. Some of the big names include Volkswagen, Nissan, Tesla, and more. If the pilot is successful, then we can expect pretty much every UPS vehicle to be replaced with its electric counterpart. So soon enough, this can become the standard for FedEx and USPS too.



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