US Army wants drones that can automatically take out targets

Drones are used for many things such as delivering your packages to your doorsteps, shooting high octane movies, and even in light shows during the Olympics. However, now the US army wants to develop drones for a more lethal reason, one that can potentially help out the troops in foreign lands.

The US Army is looking into drones that can automatically spot marked enemies and shoot them down without any human oversight. It can make response times to threats quicker and reduces the human life danger in a situation like these. The idea makes sense as we can reduce the need for troops to place themselves in dangerous situations, and instead let the drones do the work. Moreover, if anything happens to the drones, they are easily replaceable.

To do this, the drones will use machine-learning algorithms, such as neural networks, and determine who is a threat. With that information, it will be capable enough to decide whether or not engage in combat in the situation.

Currently, it is unknown when we will see these drones, or even IF we will see these drones. The military has placed much importance on A.I. recently. Google’s A.I. technology is currently being used by the Military to analyze hours and hours footage that is captured by drones. Using algorithms, it can detect points of interests and unusual activity, and flag them for human review.

Having the aid of technology can be beneficial in combat, as it reduces the need for a human overview and shifts the focus in other aspects while the computer deals with all the sensitive information. The military is continually trying to advance weapons to have the edge over possible threats, and A.I. can play an integral role in these developments in the coming years.


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