Nintendo has a new patent for trading cards using NFC tech

Nintendo, the video-game giant, has a very successful line of action figures called Amiibo. Launched all the way back in 2014, they serve as an add-on for games, and a collectible for some gamers. The figures have a high quality of design and have an NFC chip placed in the base through which the system can interact and communicate with the specific character.

They became an instant hit right out of the gate with high preorders and some stores even selling out. Over time the momentum has slowed down a bit, as the amount of figures released has gone down drastically compared to the previous years, and the “hype” has reached a minimal level. Still, nonetheless, they are cool toys for both kids and adults.

But it seems that Nintendo wants to bring back the excitement of Amiibo and get gamers interested once again.

According to recent patents, Nintendo has filled for trading cards which use the same NFC tech which is found in the physical figures. It does not reveal any specifics about a game or product and is pretty straightforward with its functions and usage.

The trading cards refer to cards on which variously different pictures are depicted and a purpose thereof is collection and exchanged. Namely, the trading cards are cards manufactured and sold aiming at exchange or collection of pictures on each surface thereof.

The two pictures in the patents show multiple cards with character drawings and stats on top, and the other shows the card being used on the Nintendo 3DS.


The added benefit of these cards is that they are more portable and can easily be placed in your wallets or pockets. So when you are playing on your Nintendo Switch on the train, you can just pull our Amiibo cards from pockets rather than lugging around 10 action figures in a bag. Not only that, they are comparatively cheaper than making plastic figures, making them more accessible for people who are looking to buy in a big bunch with a smaller budget.


Multiple assumptions are being made that this is for the highly anticipated Pokemon game that is due to hit the Switch. These cards are not something new; in fact, we have seen these before for Animal Crossing games and Mario  Sports Superstars. Either way, there is always a chance that we might never even see this project released, as companies usually file patents all the time to prevent other companies to work on the same technology.


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