Ikea and Overstock add AR capabilities to their smartphone apps

More and more apps are appearing on our smartphone that utilize AR for new functionalities and experiences. One of the latest apps to get updated are Ikea and Overstock.

Both apps have added a feature where you can place “virtual furniture” in your living room. You can check its fitting and see if it blends in with the office without actually buying it and having it delivered to your door. The idea is neat and helpful for some people, but for a majority of us, it is just a playful gimmick.

The critical difference between both the apps is that the Ikea app only displays virtual furniture from Ikea, while the Overstock app displays furniture from a variety of brands. It is no doubt that the Overstock app will be more helpful for people.

It works great, and that is about it. It brings us one step closer to designing our homes entirely on our smart devices before we make a final decision.


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