Amazon’s latest drones respond to your shouting

Amazon’s latest patent shows aerial vehicle that can understand and react to human gestures. Filed all the way back in July of 2016, it seems to be an improvement for the drones that are currently part of the drone delivery system.


This new patent can allow the delivery drones to get feedback from its customers through visual and audible gestures, such as yelling, waving, point, etc. However, Amazon has not specified any specific gestures or phrases that the drones will react to yet. Based on the drawings provided in the patent, we can see a human figure waving frantically at the drone, probably to indicate to the drone to stop moving in closer or go away.

The drone itself will have light sensors, a depth sensor, and multiple cameras including infrared, visible light, and depth-aware cameras. It will be able to pick up and drop off packages just like current drones. No other specs for these drones is provided.



It is important to note that this is still just a patent, it can even take a few years before we start seeing these drones in the sky. It is also very possible that we may never see these drones from Amazon, as Amazon is known to file patents without following up on them yet. However, if this does come to fruition, then this can make Amazon’s delivery system even better and more sophisticated than its competitors.


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