Apple has more autonomous vehicles on street than Google and Uber in California

Autonomous vehicle research is growing day by day. Companies are branching out into new states very frequently. Waymo is currently researching in states such as Arizona, Michigan, and Atlanta while reducing their vehicle count in California. Uber on the other hand, due to an unfortunate event this week, has halted its testing, but before this, it was actively collecting data in Arizona.

While the focus is on expanding across America, Apple is instead focusing on one state only, California. A recent report from the Financial Times states that Apple now has 45 registered autonomous vehicles, compared to the 27 in late January. That is more than Waymo or Uber at this point but still below General Motors.

The self-driving program, Project Titan, has LIDAR and radar sensors attached to Lexus RX450h SUVs, which currently roam around the state. Apple’s focus right now is to just work on the software that is powering these cars. Eventually, in the future, it could move towards developing and manufacturing its cars or selling the proprietary software to other car manufacturers.

So far no other information has been disclosed by Apple. We still don’t know how many total miles each or all the cars have driven. It is unknown when Apple will release some figures or start sharing more information about their general data. We do not expect Apple’s research to be publicly implemented in any way, shape, or form before 2020.

Autonomous cars have been labeled as the next big innovation in the car market. Companies hope to reduce the number of accidents that happen due to driver carelessness, while also fix the traffic issues that some big cities face. Majority of these autonomous cars are meant for to be sold to the public, but another application for them will be to serve as taxis, so people can share rides and be more eco-friendly.


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