Macy’s is integrating VR in the furniture shopping experience

Macy’s is planning to set up booths where you can try a VR experience and design your room by placing furniture and customizing it to your likeness. This news comes as a surprise as other companies such as IKEA and Amazon are using AR to offer such experiences. However, Macy’s is taking a bold step in the other direction in hopes to attract new customers and increase satisfaction.

The way the experience works is that you will customize your living room on a tablet. Once you have picked a design and are satisfied with the furniture and its layout, you will then wear the headset to see your designed “virtual” living room. It is unknown how intuitive the experience will be, whether you will be walking around and interacting with the furniture, or standing still and admiring it from a 360 degrees angle. It is also undisclosed whether or not will Macy’s be using a branded VR headset such as the HTC Vive, or Oculus Rift, or will it have its proprietary headset and a possible controller.

Macy’s CEO Jeff Gennette claims that VR demos have led to an increase in sales, even on items that weren’t physically in a store.

Currently, the experience is tied-down to furniture only. The idea sounds neat; however, there could be some issues and concerns, such as kids violating the stations, or cleanliness of the headsets.

Macy’s plans to roll out the VR experience in select 50 stores by this summer. Depending on customer feedback, if it is successful, then it will start showing up in more stores across America.

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